Appollen A1
Performance   Car

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Pure Electric Drive
Appollen A1 is a four-door, four-seat high-performance sedan made for urban young people. It is endowed with high power performance abilities and a keen sense of control which brings a racing-like passionate "pleasurable driving" experience to urban young people.
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Drive for Pleasure

It has front and rear double wishbone standard sports car chassis, low center of gravity front and rear balanced body, lightweight design, 0-100Km/h acceleration in less than 5.5 seconds and a maximum speed of 150Km/h.

The Perfect Combination of Function and Art

The overall body design concept of Appollen A1 inherits the visual aesthetics of Appollen supercar, with smooth and simple lines and both Eastern and Western aesthetics. In comparison with ordinary sedans, the lower sports car chassis of the A1 is extremely sporty and maneuverable. The application of innovative composite materials makes the shape of the whole vehicle light and agile, but it also reveals the elite taste of young white-collared group everywhere.

Amber Technique

The innovative outer shell material has high light transmittance, which lends to an appearance and texture that is similar to ceramic underglaze. The shell is able to be customized to any type of customer selected pattern. The crystal is injected into the shell, which means it never fades and is crystal clear. The unique amber craftsmanship customization service allows you to own the most unique Appollen in the world and be your coolest self!

Breaking Through Tradition, Stronger Battery Life

The high-efficiency RESS battery management system adopted by Appollen A1, can quickly charge up to 80% in 30 minutes. This provides consumers with the practicability and feasibility of long passionate drives and the ability to enjoy the private space.

Style, Comfort and Freedom

Appollen A1 is designed to meet the diverse needs of young people for travel space and interior decoration. The rear row adopts a semi-encircling sofa seat design, which matches the easy folding function of the seat, so as to shorten the communication distance between the passengers in the car and create more free space.

High-tech Cockpit

The Apollen A1 is equipped with a 17.3-inch slidable large screen which in addition to ensuring the driver's focus on vehicle control, also meets the entertainment needs of the co-driver. The touch-type operation buttons set on the rear door handles can meet the entertainment needs of rear passengers and allows every passenger in the travel space to easily control various entertainment functions.

Safety Measures

Appollen A1 adopts superimposed blind-spot image technology to projects bilateral exterior rear-view images onto the instrument screen directly in front of the driver. This greatly reduces the range of motion needed to be made by the driver to view how safe the situation is. This technology can also cover many different types of road situations which will improve display resource utilization and overall safety.