Appollen A2
Fashion   Coupe

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Appollen A2 is a two-seat agile sports car built for urban young people. The compact size brings better spatial perception and control of the body; so that young people can enjoy driving with passion and ease through the urban traffic flow.
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Unlimited Driving Fun

The dual-motor intelligent four-wheel drive system provides the ability to accelerate to 100km/h in less than 4.7 seconds and the ability to reach a top speed of 190km/h.

Smart, Lightweight, Compact and Dynamic

The overall body design concept of Appollen A2 inherits the visual aesthetics of Appollen supercar, with smooth and simple lines and both Eastern and Western aesthetic. The vehicle body is compact and lightweight, and the sports car chassis is very sporty and maneuverable. The application of innovative composite materials makes the body light and flexible, and the uniquely crafted appearance brings forth a modern technological style, which appeals to the aesthetic choice of the younger generation.

Amber Technique

The innovative outer shell material has high light transmittance, which lends to an appearance and texture that is similar to ceramic underglaze. The shell is able to be customized to any type of customer selected pattern. The crystal is injected into the shell, which means it never fades and is crystal clear. The unique amber craftsmanship customization service allows you to own the most unique Appollen in the world and be your coolest self!

Professional Premium Configuration

Appollen A2 adopts a pure sports car-level front and rear double wishbone suspension system, a four-wheel drive system with intelligent torque distribution, British Horiba Mira's professional sports chassis tuning, Bosch version 9.3 ESP system and other sports car type mechanism. All this means that Appollen A2 has all the functions of a sportscar while also providing high-quality riding comfort, allowing urban young people to easily obtain a racetrack-level driving experience in their daily drives.

Light Luxurious Textured, Graceful and Comfortable

Appollen A2 interior is made up of a combination of silk textures and solid wood material, which create a unique oriental aesthetic temperament, making the riding space naturalistic, graceful and comfortable.

Technological Cockpit

Appollen A2 is equipped with three surrounding screens, which greatly reduce the range of motion needed for the driver to safety look at images. This improves upon the utilization and safety features of display resources.

Every Step of the Drive is Under Control

The VCU vehicle control system integrates various management modules such as driving, energy, communication, human interaction, and safety, and can match you with the best control mode at any time according to road conditions and driving needs. The RESS's innovative rechargeable energy system give you the ability to travel faster and farther.