Energy   Transformation

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The depletion of fossil energy is imminent. The era of heat engine is bound to end with the depletion of fuel. The trend of automobile electrification has become inevitable.
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  • Breaking traditional idea of appropriative battery pack for each car model

  • Isolated battery compartment for better safety

  • Battery system encryption to prevent from error installation

  • Leading design concept of high voltage safety

  • Use soft-packed battery cells, reduce the risk of explosion

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Thermal Management System
  • Work properly between -30°C to +55°C

  • Extend vehicle's lifecycle effectively, enhance endurance and driving safety

  • The battery performance diminishes less than 5% after 100,000 km driving, which is significantly better than other competitors

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Original R&D capability of VCU
  • Passed the rigorous track test

  • high-current shocks

  • repeated high-power charging and discharging

  • high-rate energy recovery