Manufacture   Revolution

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The core pain point of electrification is the high cost of batteries, EVs are more sensitive to energy consumption than fossil fuels vehicles. The fundamental path to reduce energy consumption is weight reduction, which will accelerate the utilization of new materials and processes, thus promoting a revolution of the industry.
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Light-weight Technology
  • Revolutionary Light-weight Technology: aluminum alloy infrastructure + composite materials

  • Mechanical structure: aluminum alloy structure cold-bonded through FDS and SPR, 20% reduction of weight

  • Number of parts: 67% reduction compared with steel panel body

  • High-pressure cast aluminum parts: one-shot forming complex part structure, improve structural performance

  • Aluminum profile: Complex sections formed by low cost extrusion process, better result than high-strength steel

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Compound Material
  • Process selection: select the optimal prepreg-compression and pressure bag from six kinds of carbon fiber molding processes

  • Process design: process define + process design + verification

  • Process results: compared with aluminum alloy, carbon fiber parts are 21% lighter and have better stiffness

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Processing Simplification
  • aluminum alloy + composite materials production line

  • 60% reduction in overall investment, shortening return cycle

  • Omitting the painting process, the world's most environmentally friendly factory

  • Rapid replication